JH Film and Food Festival

Annual Short Films and Culinary Presentation from Film and Culinary Students

ABOUT OUR Festival

This Film and Food Festival promotes students’ creative work. This activity offers students the opportunity to promote their own work, besides that they can also review the work of their colleagues, so they can exchange ideas.

The festival is planned to be held every year in the spring and it is open to the public.

Why Film Festival?​

There are so many reasons why we have to go to film festival. A film festival can offer many advantages both for the audiences and for the filmmakers. Here are some reasons why these kinds of festivals are important to conduct and attend.

First, a film festival is a place where you can discover new talents. Here, the new filmmakers can get their name acknowledged by the audiences.

The festival is a good way of promoting tourism in the city where it is held. It draws many visitors from all over the world.

One of the best advantages of attending a film festival is that you can meet people with the same vision as yours.

As a filmmaker, you will get an advantage of attending a film festival. In a festival like Cannes Film Festival, you can have an opportunity to get your film reviewed by the audiences of film enthusiasts..

Why Food Festival?

There are a bunch of reasons why we should go to a food festival, especially if you are a food lover. In a food festival, we can have a different experience in tasting food. Every food festival certainly has a different theme and different foods sold. It is even possible to eat the typical foods from around the world we haven’t tasted in a food festival.

If you are a food lover, you should not only able to give your opinions about the food but also how to make it.

A food festival is a place where a lot of tourists and food lovers spend their times during their vacations.

You are also able to enjoy other entertainments offered beside tasting delicious foods from each food stall.

Bring Kids to Festival?

Before you have a kid, you are free to go to a film festival as you wish. But it is different now since you have a toddler. But you can still go to the event if you follow these tips to bring kids to a film festival.

You have to prepare your kids’ mood first. Make them in a good mood by making sure they have enough sleep and eat.

During the festival, you will find it difficult to get parking with kids. The easiest solution is to get a taxi or a ridesharing in Australia.

According to the website, there are several ride-hailing services like Uber or OLA

The last tip to bring kids to film festival is always answering their questions.

bring kids festival
cinema theatre red seats


Here are the differences between movies played at a film festival and the ones played in a cinema.

The movies played in a cinema usually do not focus on the visual art. The producers are usually more concerned about the profits.

Different from the movies played in a cinema, the movies played for a film festival more focus on the artistic vision, even though they are still included as a business.

On the other words, movies for a film festival will all surely be played in a cinema, but not all movies cinema will be played in a film festival.

JH Film And Food Festival

It should be fun attending to our very own Food and Film Festival with your family and friends.