Film Festival

The development of movies industries in the world becomes a big business for the producers. Every movie made for a film festival or cinema will through a strict curation before they are played. Maybe some of you are wondering about… Continue Reading…

Film Festival

Before you have a kid, you are free to go to a film festival as you wish. But it is different now since you have a toddler. But you can still go to the event if you follow these tips… Continue Reading…

Film Festival

There are so many reasons why we have to go to a film festival, be it alone, with friends or with children. A film festival can offer many advantages both for the audiences and for the filmmakers. Here are some… Continue Reading…

About Our Festival

This Film and Food Festival promotes students’ creative work. This activity offers students the opportunity to promote their own work, besides that they can also review the work of their colleagues, so they can exchange ideas.

The festival is planned to be held every year in the spring and it is open to the public.