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Movies in Film Festival VS Movies in Cinema

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The development of movies industries in the world becomes a big business for the producers. Every movie made for a film festival or cinema will through a strict curation before they are played.

Maybe some of you are wondering about what are the differences between going to a film festival vs cinema. One of the reasons that make it different is the movies played at a film festival and cinema. Here are the differences between movies played at a film festival and the ones played in a cinema.

The movies played in a cinema usually do not focus on visual art. The producers are usually more concerned about the profits. Different from the movies played in a cinema, the movies played for a film festival more focus on the artistic vision, even though they are still included as a business. On the other words, movies for a film festival will all surely be played in a cinema, but not all movies cinema will be played at a film festival.

If it is seen from the producing side, the movies made for a cinema can be produced quickly. But the movies made for a film festival need a pretty long time because they focus on the artistic elements. So that we should not underestimate the movies which are specifically made for a festival film anymore.

Because the efforts used to make those movies are quite a lot. It can be said that the movies made for a film festival are like clothes made for a fashion show. It takes a long time.

Hopefully, after you know the differences between the movies made for a festival film and a cinema, you can decide now whether you go to a festival film vs cinema. Whatever your decision, both movies for a film festival and cinema take efforts.

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This Film and Food Festival promotes students’ creative work. This activity offers students the opportunity to promote their own work, besides that they can also review the work of their colleagues, so they can exchange ideas.

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