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Why We Have to go to Film Festival

There are so many reasons why we have to go to a film festival, be it alone, with friends or with children. A film festival can offer many advantages both for the audiences and for the filmmakers. Here are some reasons why these kinds of festivals are important to conduct and attend:

Discover new talent

First, a film festival is a place where you can discover new talents. Here, the new filmmakers can get their name acknowledged by the audiences. This acknowledgment is 100% of their ability in doing their work and it can deliver their films to be officially screened. It means that there will be a potential to get a recognition and awards.

Promote tourism

The festival is a good way of promoting tourism in the city where it is held. It draws many visitors from all over the world. Those visitors are expected to return again on the other occasions if they are interested in the city’s tourism. And we know that tourism is related to the income of the local restaurants and stores.

Encourage community

One of the best advantages of attending a film festival is that you can meet people with the same vision as yours. You all can have a further discussion about films with those whom you won’t be able to speak on the other occasions.
Move the heart and give motivation
One of the reasons why we have to go to a film festival is to get a motivation. As audiences, watching film festivals means giving ourselves the opportunity to watch a good story that can move our hearts and at the same time, to witness a story that may not be able to watch in other events.

Get the films reviewed

As a filmmaker, you will get an advantage of attending a film festival. In a festival like Cannes Film Festival, you can have an opportunity to get your film reviewed by the audiences of film enthusiasts. As long as you choose the right event, you will get a good chance of getting the result of your hard work reviewed accurately. And all of us know that a good review will result in a good press and a satisfactory distribution deal.

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About Our Festival

This Film and Food Festival promotes students’ creative work. This activity offers students the opportunity to promote their own work, besides that they can also review the work of their colleagues, so they can exchange ideas.

The festival is planned to be held every year in the spring and it is open to the public.