Food Festival

Reasons Why We Should Go to Food Festival

There are a bunch of reasons why we should go to a food festival, especially if you are a food lover. In a food festival, we can have a different experience in tasting food. Every food festival certainly has a different theme and different foods sold. It is even possible to eat the typical foods from around the world we haven’t tasted in a food festival.

Improve Your Knowledge about Foods

If you are a food lover, you should not only able to give your opinions about the food but also how to make it. Some food festivals provide a workshop about the specific food cultures and the historical stories behind them. Especially if you go to the local food festivals in a particular country. It is because a typical food is an identity of a region.

Meeting Other Food Lovers from All Around the World

A food festival is a place where a lot of tourists and food lovers spend their times during their vacations. In this type of festival, you will meet and have a conversation with other food lovers from all around the world. You can exchange your culinary tour experiences with them or just give them the recommendations of your favourite foods. This way, you can also make friends!

Enjoying Other Entertainments

You are also able to enjoy other entertainments offered beside tasting delicious foods from each food stall. A music performance is usually added at a food festival. So that you can enjoy eating the tasty foods and the music performed as well. Especially if your favourite band or singer presents in a food festival you are going to, this also adds one more reason why we should go to a food festival.

Those are the reasons why we should go to a food festival and don’t hesitate to bring your children or friends . It is surely a fun event that will not make you disappointed.

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About Our Festival

This Film and Food Festival promotes students’ creative work. This activity offers students the opportunity to promote their own work, besides that they can also review the work of their colleagues, so they can exchange ideas.

The festival is planned to be held every year in the spring and it is open to the public.